by square mobile app

by square mobile app

Create, read and share your payment and invoice QR codes on your mobile.

by square is the easiest way to share your bank details in order to receive payments to your bank account with the help of your phone.

by square mobile app creates a payment QR code that contains all your banking details and payment info. Your debtor only needs to scan the QR code with his mobile internet banking app. The payment order is pre-filled and the payment can be made without the need to retype banking details.

You can use this for payments in person, where your debtor scans the QR code from your phone, or send the payment QR code by email and your debtor can pay you from the comfort of his home.

The PAY by square code generated by by square is approved as a standard by the Slovak Banking Association for use in Slovakia for encoding payment details into QR code.

by square app supports the scanning function of all by square codes (PAY by square a INVOICE by square) and enables to archive scanned payments and invoices. While connected to the by square web service, you can export your invoices into your ERP/accounting software.